Ambition (2014)

10628898_848717985151978_7212548854066621463_oAmbition is a feature film produced by Josh Cisewski and Mike Dahlager that became a sort of high school capstone project for them that started production in 2012. Interweaving narratives of three different ages, the screenplay written by Josh Cisewski and Will Phelps tackles the question, “What do you want to be?”

The film follows a young man graduating high school, struggling to find meaning at his work, all while not making it into the Ivy League schools he had worked so hard to make it into. His view of what he wants to be starts to morph and become more cynical, and he is unaware of the relationships that are being damaged in the process, all while trying to remember why he dreamed so big in the first place.

In many ways, the film became a manifesto for their own dreams and ambitions, helping them to find what they really loved about the art of filmmaking. This was their first feature length project, and the first film they fully produced together as Shadowglass Films.


Shadowglass Films: