Shadowglass Films

16402473_1600400386644376_1645331935168573106_oShadowglass Films was started in 2011 by Josh Cisewski and Mike Dahlager, with the dream of making creative and powerful films that would impact lives and raise questions about life, love, meaning, reason, and faith. The first project to come of this vision was Fool’s Paradise (2011), a short film chronicling a young soul lost in the woods in search of a fabled path to Paradise. From there they went on to brainstorm and create a film that would be a culmination of their adolescent filmmaking efforts, creating the feature film Ambition (2014), which followed a high school graduate as he navigated the question “What do you want to be?”. The two year process of making the film and entering into college led to a hiatus for Shadowglass Films, however, a side project was made by Josh Cisewski the following year called FAQ (2015). It was a passion project that led to the first award won for the Shadowglass Films team, gaining the honor of Best Short Screenplay at the On the Line Film Festival in St. Paul, MN. The next project the team would endeavor on, Son of Man (2016), would lead them to 10 film festivals across the U.S., and 3 festival wins, including Best Experimental Short Film at the Frozen Film Festival in St. Paul, MN, and Best Support Actress in a Short Film for Anna Baker at the Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival in Muskogee, OK.

Shadowglass Films is currently in post-production of their next short film, Bear (2017), and is in the process of pre-production for a feature film. Stay up to date by checking out the Shadowglass Films Facebook page here!

BEAR (2017) | SON OF MAN (2016) | FAQ (2015) | AMBITION (2014)